Facilitation & Leadership X

Interested in developing your skills to work with groups, facilitate communication, and achieve powerful results? Our training will help you maximize your leadership potential!

In addition to hosting facilitation and leadership training throughout the year, we create custom-designed training workshops for school and community groups. Our dynamic repertoire includes activities exploring youth and accessibility, active and compassionate listening, clear and effective communication, group process and dynamics, group exercises for experiential learning, tools for participatory decision-making, and anti-oppression work. These invaluable skills help participants to become connected, engaged and active in their communities.

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The facilitation training really challenged me to draw on my own leadership potential with hands on activities and opportunities for self-reflection. I was able to build on my existing skill-set and work towards developing valuable teamwork and leadership skills that I have been able to apply both at school and in my community. - Participant, CYH facilitation training

Food Justice

Media Awareness Pt. I

Poverty and Income Inequality

Health Care



Gender in the Media

Climate Justice

Migrant Justice

Media Awareness Pt. II

Youth Civic Voices

Climate Change

Custom Workshops

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