• → Two-fifths of British Columbia's greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation.
  • → At least 250 million people will be forced to leave their homes between now and 2050 due to the consequences of climate change.
  • → In one day, the sunlight that reaches the earth provides enough energy to satisfy the world's current power requirements for 8 years – although only a percentage of that potential is technically accessible.
Climate Justice X Action Plans Book Workshop

Who are the greatest contributors to climate change? Who experiences its greatest consequences? Explore how power and privilege shape how we contribute to and are impacted by climate change.

Climate justice is a complex and important issue for this generation of youth. The ability to critically analyse the role of power and privilege in discussing the causes and effects of climate change is essential. Using a local issue like transportation, this workshop highlights how social and economic inequalities influence how different groups experience climate change. Participants also explore different levels of change and discover their role in broad community actions.

Learning Outcomes:
  • To understand the overall science of climate change, including its causes and effects
  • To define climate justice and understand how economic systems, power, and privilege relate to oftentimes isolated ‘environmental’ issues
  • To relate issues of transportation to climate justice, using transportation as an opportunity to explore local climate solutions
  • To connect individual action to broader community change
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The Climate Justice Project asks how we can tackle global warming with fairness and equality. Our challenge is to build a zero carbon society that also enhances our quality of life. - Marc Lee, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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