• → Globally, climate change causes over 140,000 excess deaths annually. The populations that have contributed the least to climate change are the most vulnerable to its health risks.
  • → Rising world food prices caused in part by climate change and expanded biofuel production led to food riots and protests in more than 50 countries between January 2007 and July 2008.
  • → Current wind, wave, solar and geothermal technologies could provide six times more power than the world currently uses.
Climate Change X Action Plans Book Workshop

How do we affect climate change and how does climate change effect us? It’s more than just science, it’s our planet and our future.

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of climate change, its causes and effects. We also look at the impact that consumerism has on our climate and how we can act in response to this. Participants also begin to consider issues in climate justice and how climate change is not only an environmental issue but also a social justice issue.

Learning Outcomes
  • To generate discussion of the overall science of climate change, including causes and effects.
  • To link environmental and social justice with climate change and consumption.
  • To discuss paths of individual action related to climate change.
Classes We’ve Been To

Law 12, Planning 10, Science 10, Social Justice 12, Social Studies 8-12


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I would not change a thing about this workshop. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute. - Student

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