I cannot overstate how important and exciting Check Your Head’s work has become to the local struggle for social justice and against corporate globalization. Check Your Head is a joy to work with. Their dedication is inspiring, and their skills as organizers and educators are top notch. They are a bright new light in the struggle for economic, social and environmental justice. - Seth Klein, Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Partnerships with organizations such as Check Your Head become a meaningful element of experiential learning, resulting in positive action. - Teacher, Windermere Secondary School
My volunteer work with Check Your Head has connected me with many amazing and inspiring people many of whom I am still connected with today. I had opportunities to grow with the organization as I moved from delivering workshops to leading facilitation training to sitting on the Board of Directors for a number of years. Being a truly youth driven organization, I felt valued and supported as I developed into my own person. - Charissa, Former CYH Participant, Volunteer & Board Member
I believe the work of Check Your Head is very important in engaging youth and is in fact essential to building strong, active communities. By providing a safe space for discussion and debate, the organization acts as a vehicle with which youth are able to propel themselves forward by strengthening critical thinking, public speaking and active listening skills. This is invaluable for the ability of youth to engage with the world on a meaningful, sustainable level. - Mark, CYH Volunteer Facilitator
The Check Your Head team brings a depth and breadth of knowledge and strong connections with other youth organizations. The staff who worked with us had strengths in working from a youth-empowerment process and maintained realistic outcomes for our projects. They have an excellent understanding of working in partnerships with schools. - Teacher, Windermere Secondary School
Check Your Head’s work not only informs youth on pressing global issues, but also inspires and motivates youth into action. Our experience with Check Your Head is that they provide an exemplary model of youth engagement that not only builds the capacity of youth to become leaders in their own communities, but also equips youth with lifelong critical thinking skills to become active participants in society. - SFU Local Food Project
Check Your Head facilitation training was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other young people wanting to take action on social justice issues, offering great networking opportunities and an inspiring space to share ideas. The facilitation training really challenged me to draw on my own leadership potential with hands on activities and opportunities for self-reflection. I was able to build on my existing skill-set and work towards developing valuable teamwork and leadership skills that I have been able to apply both at school and in my community. - CYH Volunteer Facilitator
The facilitation skills that I learned delivering workshops to youth ranging from elementary school to university have served me well. These skills are life skills that can only be developed through practice. The opportunity as a young person, to stand in front of strangers and facilitate discussions on real life issues such as globalization has given me confidence and encouragement to share my values and hope for change. - CYH Volunteer Facilitator
The workshops Check Your Head provides are unique. The participants are active in their learning. Presenters do not come into the classroom claiming to be experts but challenge the youth to dialogue. - Teacher
The Check Your Head facilitators were inspiring and easy to connect with, leading engaging activities that create a space for my classmates and I to discuss issues that we felt were important and missing from regular class discussions. This experience motivated me to connect with other young people the way the Check Your Head facilitators were connecting with us - in an exciting and interesting setting where young voices were respected and made to feel important. - Cassandra, Student & CYH Workshop Participant