Contribute to a Youth-Created Documentary: Show Me What You Care About

A guest post by CYH volunteer Brianne.


Call For Submissions

Show Me What You Care About is a short documentary profiling a group of people that represent Vancouver’s diverse communities. The film will explore the invisible lines that connect us in our everyday lives through the things that we find meaning in – the things that we CARE about.

To read more about our project, please visit

To submit your story and possibly be part of the documentary please send :

  • 250 words or less showing us what you care about. (If you could show the world what’s important to you, what would it be? What does it look like?)
  • a short paragraph about yourself.


*If you would like to include any other media such as photos, videos, poems that you think would help us to get a better sense of you and your story then please do!

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