An Interview with Check Your Head’s Sharnelle Jenkins-Thompson

Sharnelle Jenkins-Thompson, whose passion for social justice began at the age of ten, is a board member at Check Your Head. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia.   How did you become involved in youth activism in general?…


“Stand with Kwantlen” March in Fort Langley

Protests provide a forum for citizens from all walks of life and backgrounds to unite under a common banner for movements and causes which are important to them. This can be for their livelihoods, the environment, or their children and grandchildren. Sometimes, it can be…


An Interview with Activist Justine Nelson

Justine Nelson is the chapter coordinator for the PIPE UP Network, and an event leader at Evergreen BC. In this blog post, youth blogger Scott discusses activism and organizing with Justine. What was your activist moment of awakening? I’m not sure if I had a specific…


An Invitation to Stand! Join our awesome Board of Directors

Check Your Head is looking for leaders with a passion for social and environmental justice and youth education to serve on our Board of Directors! We’re actively looking to increase the range and diversity of skills, perspectives, and experiences on our board.   Specifically, we…


An Interview with a Welfare Food Challenge Participant, Lindsay Bissett

My name is Lindsay Bissett and I advocated, for the second time, in the Welfare Food Challenge. During the day I am a recruiter for an incredible company, Vancity, where I am fortunate to meet many amazing people. During my extracurricular time I am Vice…


The Future is Up to Us

Today the world is reeling in disbelief over what happened in the US last night. As we all try to make sense of what made 60 million people cast a vote for a racist misogynistic celebrity capitalist and just a vile human being with very…


Farewell note from Aleks

Dear Check Your Head supporters,  This is the last thing I will write to you as CYH’s Education Program Coordinator. Working at Check — an org that values the kind of education which truly empowers youth — has been, well, a learning experience. Really truly. After…


An Interview with a Welfare Food Challenge Participant, David Kerruish

In this post, youth blogger Scott chats with David Kerruish. David was born in Australia, but found home in Vancouver in 2011. He is a Strategic Management Consultant at Vancity, with degrees from Queensland University of Technology. This year, David took part in the Welfare Food…


British Columbia’s Responsibilities to Climate Change Action

We need to work to end carbon emissions as much as possible, as fast as possible, with transitions to renewable energies. BC’s responsibilities to climate change action can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.


Joyce and the Giant (Real Estate Development): Housing Affordability and Gentrification around Joyce Station

Amidst Vancouver’s housing crisis, the area around Joyce station is now at risk of gentrification due to a new development plan.