An Ode to an Orange

The orange is the symbol of solidarity for all those who chose to be bold, to have the courage to speak out against an injustice. It is the story of welcoming change. Thus it is only fitting we celebrate the courage of the orange while the seasons change. This spring, I implore you to be bold; to be an orange amongst a crowd of apples. Spit out the seeds of ignorance, of stagnant thinking and share your unique segments with our diverse communities to enjoy in solidarity.


How will you be participating in Earth Day this year?

Earth Day is an annual celebration on April 22nd when events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental sustainability and protection. How will you be participating in Earth Day this year? If you are stumped, here is a list of 5 fun and creative suggestions of how you can get involved!


Standing Together

I guess the whole point of me sharing this experience is to let you know that you have allies. Right now, it is up to our youth to stay strong, grow, and strive. Also, to never forget that the way to stand the strongest, is by holding each other.


The School Cafeteria Dilemma

Unfortunately, as I’m walking into schools through the front doors, I am hit with a waft of frozen breakfast sandwiches and smiley-faced fries. Should this be what youth are fed every morning?


At Maladjusted: A Poignant Reminder of How the System Defines Us

Maladjusted is presented by Theatre for Living (formerly headlines). It is an experiential and interactive play based on Augusto’s Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. It presents a short play about how health care currently treats the mentally ill. After that, members of the audience may replace the actors as they reenact scenes.

NEW DEADLINE! – Actualizing Change

Thursday, April 11 is the new deadline to submit your actions to Check Your Head’s Actualizing Change program! To get your creative and social justice juices flowing, check out this inspirational video from the young folks at Project Gratisvore, one of the successful Actualizing Change projects in 2012.


Actualizing Change: Submit Your Action Ideas!

This Spring, Check Your Head is helping you breathe life into your action ideas! We are inviting youth (under 30) to submit action ideas that focus on one of two themes: Gender & Media or Alternative Transportation. Four action ideas will be selected to receive funds of $200 or $100 to see the action come to life!


Rethinking Our Culture of Competition

We live in a society that assumes competition is the best way to advance individual and collective well being. However, is this really true, or just something that has been normalized? I argue that the culture of competition we live in is not something that is normal, but rather learned, and is deeply embedded in our conception of human nature.

Actualizing Change 2013

We have exciting news coming soon about the next round of “Actualizing Change”, Check Your Head’s program to help breathe life into innovative, youth-led actions. While we get set to share more information with you later this week, check out this inspiring video by Kids for Climate Action, one of the successful Actualizing Change projects in 2012.


Recognize, Revitalize, and Reconnect: A Recap of The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 2013 Fundraising Gala

Recently I had the privilege of attending the annual fundraising gala for the Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives (CCPA). I use the word privilege because it felt truly special to be in the same room with so many inspiring people working individually and collectively to effect positive change across a multitude of platforms.