Can networking really overcome violence?

I really believe through these gatherings I was able to start to make the changes from within and like a cup spilling when filled with so much water, I was able to share these insights when co-facilitating workshops for youth, as well as with everyone else in my life.


Cinderello: Queering Fairy Tales

As someone who works with children, I frequently read children’s picture books aloud. A few months ago I was reading Hansel and Gretel to a young girl and boy, and I felt bored and frustrated with the gender representations.

Food poster JPG

Food for Thought

Join us at Britannia Community Centre on June 26 for Food for Thought. Participate in games, activities, art, performance, and dialogue on food, culture, and food justice. Catered food will be provided. All youth, ages 12-29, are welcome!


Enbridge: Pipelines, Politics and Resistance

So what does this all mean? First take a moment to celebrate these little victories, and then keep on voicing your opposition. Keep talking to friends and family about this issue.


Are Technological Innovations in Healthcare a Reason to be Hopeful about Overall Health Inequality?

Before we get excited about these innovations we need to face the hard facts about health inequality. The solution to these problems won't come in the form of new technologies here and there. Instead we will need to look at solutions and indicators that are more broad in their scope.


Policing Masculinity through Homophobia

Although many people use these terms out of context, not intending their words to be associated with homosexuality, the implications are real and assert homosexuality as negative, abnormal and to be rejected.


Shifting Gears: Youth & Sustainable Transportation

My goal in setting out to make this podcast was simple: help youth to celebrate and get to know each other’s work in making sustainable transportation delightful, welcoming and enjoyable in their community.


Partisan Politics: A Disintegrating System?

Inevitably – and the recent elections are a prime example – politics becomes a contest of campaigning, where political candidates are dependent on funding to participate in an election. This becomes problematic for many reasons, not the least, the voices of those without political, social, and economic capital are subordinated, and people are left to choose from a handful of parties that may or may not reflect the values they hope to see in a government.


Love and Hate are Beasts and the One that Grows is the One You Feed

Something that is normally hushed and not understood, suicide is a complex issue. However, I was given the opportunity along with an incredibly beautiful group of young people from my community to break that silence.


Argo and Islamophobia

Despite its acclaim, several critics claimed that Argo demonizes Iranians, fails to portray “a more conventional side” of Iranian society, and is guilty of racist stereotyping.