#Healthcare4All – Medicare: History in the Making

At 43 years old, national Medicare is hardly older than the average Canadian, which means that many citizens did not grow up with this system. Still, many people take it for granted that Canada will always care for its citizen’s basic needs…


Seeking Graphic Designer

Get involved with Check Your Head – We are seeking a Graphic Designer! Check Your Head is a youth-driven nonprofit organization working with young people
to take action for social & environmental justice. Our main activities include workshops, facilitation and leadership training and supporting youth-led social and…


Anti-Oppression with Children

   As part of our new Open House project, Check was happy to support the first instalment in this exciting series of youth-led workshops, with all topics chosen and facilitated by our existing youth volunteers.  Allison Jones and Annie Preston facilitated a great session on…


The Game-changers Tour: Mobilizing the Youth Vote Across Canada

In the lead up to the upcoming Federal election, people from our generation are getting organized to boost voter turnout among our peers, and finally see a change in government.


Book a Social or Environmental Justice Workshop this Spring!

Teachers and community organizers book our workshops to support youth in their active engagement in social and environmental justice. As youth ourselves, we believe a just and sustainable world depends on a generation of informed, empowered and active young people. It all begins, of course, with education.


Recruiting new Migrant Justice Facilitators

  Get involved with Check Your Head and No One Is Illegal – Apply to be a volunteer facilitator for Migrant Justice! Check Your Head is a youth-driven nonprofit organization working with young people to take action for social & environmental justice. Working together with No…


Check Your Head 2015 Annual General Meeting

You are invited! Check Your Head’s Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday, February 18, 2014. Join us to hear all about the year that was at Check Your Head, take part in important governance processes, and meet our staff and board team!


Better Together? A Reflection on Collective Housing

  For years, Vancouver has been acclaimed as one of the most expensive places to live in the world. With rent and unemployment continually on the rise, it seems the city is running out of options when it comes to providing affordable accommodation. A possible…


Social Justice in the New Year

2014 was a great year for bringing attention to issues of social justice. It was also a sad year, as too many lives were lost due to ongoing racism, homophopia and transphobia. The price was too high, but these issues finally received a fraction of…


This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Naomi Klein’s megalith of a book has been garnering an awful lot of attention in the last few months since its mid-September release.  At first it might seem like a daunting read: 466 pages about climate change and capitalism, which are both complicated enough subjects…