Apply today! Volunteer Youth Facilitator Team

Are you passionate about social justice?

Join the Volunteer Youth Facilitator Team at Check Your Head and develop the skills to create change in your communities!

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Column of speech bubblesWhat’s Check Your Head?

Check Your Head is a youth-driven nonprofit organization working with young people to take action for social & environmental justice.  Learn more by browsing our website!

Who can apply?

Youth who can commit 5-10 hours a month to making change! In addition to leading workshops, volunteers will also take part in an orientation, a weekend of facilitation training, monthly gatherings, and networking and mentorship events. Youth of all genders, abilities, backgrounds, of any status, and LGBT2IQ folks are encouraged to apply.

Is it free?

You bet! We’ll provide the workshop materials, a certificate of your training and participation, and a $100 honorarium – as well as snacks, bus tickets, and inspiration to fuel you along the way!

This sounds great! How do I apply?

Send a resume to, along with a statement of interest (max. 500 words), by noon on February 3. Tell us why you’d make a great peer educator, and what issues are important to you!

Wait, where does your money come from?

VFlogo-colourSupport for this initiative, part of the “Growing Check, Growing Change” project, is generously provided by the Vancouver Foundation.


Questions? Please contact or call 604-685-6631.