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Misrepresentation of Gender Roles in Media: Easy Bake for Boys

To this day, the role of mass media in the misrepresentation of gender roles continues to manipulate the interest of children and youth, such the industry defining what-boys-supposedly-love in comparison to the interests of girls. The continual role of mass media in distinguishing gender roles must be challenged.


Idle No More Myth Busters

We don’t need to look far to see expressions of negative stereotypes, dismissals or dehumanization of Indigenous people, as well as general misinformation. These reactions are often knee-jerk, and are grounded in prejudice. How do we challenge these beliefs and move forward together? We need to have honest, open discussions with each other, and this begins by clearing up some of the common misconceptions.


Diamond in the Rough

On January 10th 2013, Sing It Forward will be taking place at the Vogue Theatre in Downtown Vancouver, aiming to raise $50,000 for the Saint James Music Academy program. Music Changes Lives. Pass it on.


Same Love

Seattle rapper Macklemore’s hit track “Same Love” provides a social commentary for the relatively absent discussion of homosexual love in mainstream hip-hop culture. In “Same Love,” Macklemore expresses his views in support of gay marriage and effectively creates a dialogue for listeners to rethink their views on both gay marriage and homophobia – online, in rap music, and in our daily lives.


Commodity Fetishism in Macklemore’s “Wings”

Macklemore’s thought provoking song “Wings” is an excellent way to introduce students to Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism. Commodity fetishism is the process of ascribing magic “phantom-like” qualities to an object. In “Wings,” Macklemore associates these qualities with Nike Air Max shoes.


Apply to be a Facilitator for the Youth and Gender Media Project

After an amazing first year, Check Your Head is recruiting youth facilitators for the Youth and Gender Media Project. We are excited to invite new youth applicants to participate and gain anti-oppression and facilitation training.

Megan Kamerick’s TED Talk on Women in Media

According to the Global Media Monitoring Project 2012, only 24% of women are news subjects even though we make up half the population and in addition to this, only 20% of experts quoted in stories are women. Even in stories of gender based violence, men receive an overwhelming majority of print space and airtime.


Judith Butler: A truly amazing story teller

Walking down Granville Street towards the Vogue theatre the first thing I noticed was a gigantic line curving around the block. “Surely”, I thought, “that’s not for Judith Butler…” It was.

West Coast LEAF pic

West Coast LEAF Workshop: Making Connections

As a facilitator, I’ve found making a connection with the workshop participants provides a great chance to learn about other organizations, perspectives, and issues. West Coast LEAF was a great example of that, as we got to peek into their meeting style, the issues that they face as workshop facilitators, and the questions that they ask about gender, media and representation.


Jackson Katz: A Peace-builder

Katz is, as his biography reads, “an educator, author, filmmaker and social theorist who has long been recognized as one of America’s leading anti-sexist male activists.”