More Than Just an Image

We’re constantly creating our identity. That’s what Facebook is – a tool to express who we are. You can get a real sense of a person from FB and I guess that’s why employers use it to screen people. But does it really portray who you are? It says so much and so little at the same time.

Recently, I went to a workshop on using Photoshop to make awesome posters and learned that it’s basically all about manipulating images. So this was the miracle program girls used to thin themselves, zap away zits, and erase under eye circles – anything to make their pictures “profile worthy”. In an age where digital editing is so easy, it’s difficult to even tell the difference between what’s fake and authentic. Why are we so obsessed with touching up photos when in real life, no one always looks “picture perfect”. Only images can be absolutely flawless all the time. And aren’t we more than just an image? Have we become a generation who cares more about our virtual selves than our real selves?

Editing photos can be a lot of fun… but when is it too much? Facebook allows us to screen through what we like and don’t like about ourselves. Bad picture? Not posting. Good picture? Posted. Smart comment? Liked. In the end, the persona we’ve created online can be so different than who we are day to day.

You can keep editing an image, but it doesn’t change how you feel inside. Maybe if we learned to value ourselves, we wouldn’t try so hard to embellish reality, but actually start embracing it. Then photos would reflect who we are instead of the other way around.

Sure, I don’t like having a huge zit in a photo but hey, I’m more than just an image. I’m human – I don’t look flawless all the time and I don’t have to.

Welcome to reality.

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