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Author: April Magee

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It’s no secret that we’ve made great medical advancements in recent history. Canadians especially have unprecedented ability to access to such life-saving innovation. It is a great privilege that we must not ever take for granted. Scarlet fever is an ailment that, despite its dark history, has all but diminished in recent years. 19th century scarlet fever victims were offered a grim prognosis with the disease being considered a “scourge of childhood.” I did not understand the historical intricacies of the disease and found myself woefully unprepared for my little sister’s diagnosis during our youth. It seemed to me like a typical flu virus – treatable and routine – I hadn’t the faintest idea that a grave possibility stirred within her angry rashes, skyrocketing fever, and blistering “strawberry tongue.” A neighbour paid our family a visit one day bearing well wishes and a gift basket to encourage a speedy recovery and it was then that I comprehended the severity of her illness. Our neighbour was raised in an earlier time when children regularly succumbed to scarlet fever – a fact that was engraved in her solemn expression. With time, my sister was able to defeat the disease with thanks to her strength, perseverance, and the fervent attention of highly skilled medical staff. It is easy to take such things for granted, but without medical intervention, her illness could have spun out of reasonable control. Today she is on the cusp of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in order to further the endeavours of Canadian healthcare development. She is my inspiration and role model, and I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life.

Canada’s health service was integral to my sister’s recovery! This universal healthcare system, Medicare as its colloquially known, has come under recent attack from proponents of privatization. Brian Day is leading the charge against our health system – claiming that it’s unconstitutional. His victory bodes for the fragmentation of Medicare, which would be divided into a two-tier American-style system that dispenses service based on a patient’s ability to pay.

We must take a stand in order to preserve health services that are dispensed according to need and not monetary wealth. Join us in the quest to save Medicare and share your story today!