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Special Summer Workshop Offering!

Happy summer everyone! Check Your Head is celebrating the season by offering our healthcare workshop for free for any group of ten or more youth in the Lower Mainland!  Healthcare: The Price is Right engages participants in interactive activities that ask the questions: How does…


Defend Public Health Care

A shakeup may be coming to Canada’s health care system and, like any earthquake, it could wreak catastrophe for thousands of lives. Defend public health care by packing the BC Supreme Court, inside and out, on September 6th.


Is public health care enough? Considerations for Canadian health care spending

As great as having a public health care system is though, Canada’s Medicare was set up in the 1960’s and hasn’t been updated very much since. The federal election has drawn significant attention to several key points to consider when discussing health care spending but the people of Canada should not allow the conversation to end on October 19th.


#Healthcare4All – Medicare: History in the Making

At 43 years old, national Medicare is hardly older than the average Canadian, which means that many citizens did not grow up with this system. Still, many people take it for granted that Canada will always care for its citizen’s basic needs…


#Healthcare4All – The American Way

Many Canadians are proud of the Canadian healthcare system and will boast about how much better it is than in the United States, but how many of us really understand how the American system works?


#Healthcare4All – A Holiday Health Reminder

This is one of the weirdest arguments in favour of Medicare that we’ve ever heard! Brought to you by April Magee, a member of our #Healthcare4All volunteer team.


#Healthcare4All – Got it Covered? Why Private Insurance isn’t Enough

Most Canadians are covered by some kind of private insurance, so people might not see what all the fuss is about introducing more private health care.


#Healthcare4All – Do You Need Medicare?

Over the past few months, our #healthcare4all volunteer team has been working hard to educate youth about our health care system in Canada. Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking, “Great… but why should I care? Do I need Medicare?” Our #healthcare4all volunteer, April, answers your question…


#Healthcare4All – Monsters for Medicare

Happy Halloween from Check Your Head! As a special Halloween treat, our #healthcare4all team created the #monsters4medicare series. We shared a new monster on social media every day this week. Now you can see all 7 monsters below. If you run into any ghouls this Halloween,…


#Healthcare4All – By the Numbers: Why 2 Tiers Divide Without Conquering

What if we cut our number of doctors and surgeons in half? When people propose a dual private-public healthcare system, they’re proposing that we divide up our healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, specialists – between two systems.