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Rethinking Our Culture of Competition

We live in a society that assumes competition is the best way to advance individual and collective well being. However, is this really true, or just something that has been normalized? I argue that the culture of competition we live in is not something that is normal, but rather learned, and is deeply embedded in our conception of human nature.


Local 2 Global

In celebration of International Development Week (IDW), BC youth were invited to attend “Local 2 Global”, a networking event for individuals to share and inspire others with their amazing accomplishments and goals within the local and global community.


Commodity Fetishism in Macklemore’s “Wings”

Macklemore’s thought provoking song “Wings” is an excellent way to introduce students to Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism. Commodity fetishism is the process of ascribing magic “phantom-like” qualities to an object. In “Wings,” Macklemore associates these qualities with Nike Air Max shoes.


Who has the right to health? Refugees, health care, and the politics of exclusion

The recent changes to Canadian refugee policy further erase this shared history, pitting the native-born against newcomers and privileging certain migrant groups over others.


c̓əsnaʔəm: on the frontlines of colonization

Blog post by former CYH regular blogger Jannie Leung ————————————————————– In the telling of Canadian history, colonization is described innocuously in the past tense, as if there was an official start and end date. This conveniently encourages a disconnect between our colonial past and the…


The Assault on Canada’s Environmental Acts

When the federal government first introduced Bill C-38 in March, otherwise known as the omnibus budget bill, people raised a few eyebrows. As more information came out on what Bill C-38 really meant, particularly for Canada’s environmental regulations, furious debate was sparked, and criticism ensued.


“Irritated Men”: the Role of Male Allies in Turkey

Recent protests in Turkey spurred from proposed anti-abortion and maternal rights legislation by the government, highlights more than just the importance of women’s rights. The Turkish citizen uprising against the proposal demonstrates the power of allies in the feminist movement. The end of May 2012…


Oiligarchy: Peak Oil Videogaming

I don’t think this game is intended to be an edu-game, but even elementary school students can learn of the relationships between petroleum and power in the US through this. It can be a phenomenal tool for anyone wanting to learn something about petroleum and the complex political, environmental, cultural, and social justice issues surrounding.


Scrabble Event at Frontier College

For the last 6 months I’ve worked with the DWA ESL program for Frontier College designing and running classes and workshops for migrant women working as domestic workers (nannies or care-givers). This is a program offered through Frontier College run partially by government funds and partially by the hard work and dedication of the Frontier College staff and volunteers.


Water, water everywhere… but not for all to drink

This March, the United Nations proudly announced that the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for water has been achieved, three years ahead of the 2015 deadline. It claims that now 89% of the world’s population has access to “improved drinking water sources.” Though certainly an impressive statement, it needs to be tempered with a few critical reflections. What, exactly, does this goal achieve?