Why We Should All Be Marching

Two weeks ago marked the second annual Women’s March, and a number of Check Your Head’s finest came out to march in solidarity with millions of other women world wide.

Women’s March Global aims to promote social change in the areas of ending violence, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. Which sounds like an impossible task right? Well, this year, people in 120 cities, in 34 countries, all over the world have decided to take on challenging the existing systems, and striving for equity and rights all.

The organizers of March On, Vancouver had this to say:

“We have worked hard to combat the rise of white nationalism, misogyny and xenophobia, and know there is still much to be done. We come together to reject the hate that damages our communities – women, Indigenous people, racialized people, Muslims, Jews, members of the LGBTTQQ2SI communities, disabled people, migrants and those with precarious or no legal status.”

Women’s rights are human rights, and I want to encourage everyone to get involved, take action, and make a stand. Start small, educate yourself on the issues facing people in your community (CYH has some great workshops that are worth checking out on many of these issues: http://checkyourhead.org/book-workshop/) and find what your social justice passion is. Get angry, do your research, and commit yourself to a cause that you just can’t ignore- be it access to reproductive health education, migrant workers rights, food justice in your community, or anything else that you are passionate about. And of course next year you should come out to the next Vancouver Women’s March and show your love and solidarity for all the great femmes out there.

Here are some photos of some of the signs taken by Raagini, CYH’s education program coordinator, at this year’s march:

image1image2image3  image4                   image5 image6 image7


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