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Taking Action Against Violence

At the end of an amazing year with our Youth and Gender Media Project volunteers, Check Your Head wanted to measure the impact that they made in the community.

Apply to be a Facilitator for the Youth and Gender Media Project

After an amazing first year, Check Your Head is recruiting youth facilitators for the Youth and Gender Media Project. We are excited to invite new youth applicants to participate and gain anti-oppression and facilitation training.

Megan Kamerick’s TED Talk on Women in Media

According to the Global Media Monitoring Project 2012, only 24% of women are news subjects even though we make up half the population and in addition to this, only 20% of experts quoted in stories are women. Even in stories of gender based violence, men…

“Irritated Men”: the Role of Male Allies in Turkey

Recent protests in Turkey spurred from proposed anti-abortion and maternal rights legislation by the government, highlights more than just the importance of women’s rights. The Turkish citizen uprising against the proposal demonstrates the power of allies in the feminist movement. The end of May 2012…

Building Community Through Storytelling

Every first Friday of the month volunteers with CYH’s Youth and Gender Media Project gather over delicious home-made crock pot meals and baked goodies for two hours of discussion, laughter, and creativity. I find that every meeting I walk away with a new understanding of…

Judith Butler: A truly amazing story teller

Walking down Granville Street towards the Vogue theatre the first thing I noticed was a gigantic line curving around the block. “Surely”, I thought, “that’s not for Judith Butler…” It was.

Mentorship in the Youth and Gender Media Project

For the past seven months I have had the privilege of taking part in the Youth and Gender Media Project with Check Your Head. Developing facilitation skills, engaging with my peers, and having the opportunity to participate in and help lead workshops that critically engage…

West Coast LEAF Workshop: Making Connections

As a facilitator, I’ve found making a connection with the workshop participants provides a great chance to learn about other organizations, perspectives, and issues. West Coast LEAF was a great example of that, as we got to peek into their meeting style, the issues that…

Scrabble Event at Frontier College

For the last 6 months I’ve worked with the DWA ESL program for Frontier College designing and running classes and workshops for migrant women working as domestic workers (nannies or care-givers). This is a program offered through Frontier College run partially by government funds and…

Jackson Katz: A Peace-builder

Katz is, as his biography reads, “an educator, author, filmmaker and social theorist who has long been recognized as one of America’s leading anti-sexist male activists.”