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Kinder Surprises Made for Girls

The new girls’ Kinder Surprise is bluntly advertised as such: for girls. With its pink packaging and a specific “girl toy” on the inside, it makes me wonder if we truly need more things to define the perfect box that all young women should fit into.


The Normalization of Intimate Partner Violence in Beauty and the Beast

Although it may happen behind closed doors, violence against women is a public issue that has serious psychological, social and physical consequences. This short clip from the documentary Mickey Mouse Monopoly is useful for teaching about how Disney films socialize girls to accept and overlook intimate partner violence.


Local 2 Global

In celebration of International Development Week (IDW), BC youth were invited to attend “Local 2 Global”, a networking event for individuals to share and inspire others with their amazing accomplishments and goals within the local and global community.


Misrepresentation of Gender Roles in Media: Easy Bake for Boys

To this day, the role of mass media in the misrepresentation of gender roles continues to manipulate the interest of children and youth, such the industry defining what-boys-supposedly-love in comparison to the interests of girls. The continual role of mass media in distinguishing gender roles must be challenged.


Same Love

Seattle rapper Macklemore’s hit track “Same Love” provides a social commentary for the relatively absent discussion of homosexual love in mainstream hip-hop culture. In “Same Love,” Macklemore expresses his views in support of gay marriage and effectively creates a dialogue for listeners to rethink their views on both gay marriage and homophobia – online, in rap music, and in our daily lives.


December 6: A Day of Remembrance & Action

This year, I was in the town of Vanderhoof on December 6th, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women. To remember the 14 women who died in Montreal in 1989 and all women affected by violence, a local group organized a gathering, march, and discussion that combined the “remembrance” and “action” components of this day very effectively.


Taking Action Against Violence

At the end of an amazing year with our Youth and Gender Media Project volunteers, Check Your Head wanted to measure the impact that they made in the community.


Apply to be a Facilitator for the Youth and Gender Media Project

After an amazing first year, Check Your Head is recruiting youth facilitators for the Youth and Gender Media Project. We are excited to invite new youth applicants to participate and gain anti-oppression and facilitation training.

Megan Kamerick’s TED Talk on Women in Media

According to the Global Media Monitoring Project 2012, only 24% of women are news subjects even though we make up half the population and in addition to this, only 20% of experts quoted in stories are women. Even in stories of gender based violence, men receive an overwhelming majority of print space and airtime.


“Irritated Men”: the Role of Male Allies in Turkey

Recent protests in Turkey spurred from proposed anti-abortion and maternal rights legislation by the government, highlights more than just the importance of women’s rights. The Turkish citizen uprising against the proposal demonstrates the power of allies in the feminist movement. The end of May 2012…