Kinder Surprises Made for Girls

I was watching television with my younger brother the other day, and an advertisement shown on the children’s channel made me do a double take. Turns out that the egg shaped chocolate that played a large part in my childhood is now making gender specific toys inside their products. The new girls’ Kinder Surprise is bluntly advertised as such: for girls. With its pink packaging and a specific “girl toy” on the inside, it makes me wonder if we truly need more things to define the perfect box that all young women should fit into. In addition, it seems to be restricting. The fact that it says “Toys for Girls” on it infers that this is a product that boys should not be interested in, even if it comes across as attracting to him.

In comparison, the “boy” toy simply has a picture of the toy, without stating that it is gender specific. Distinct products are marked as “female,” but products made for boys and men never seem to be labeled as “male,” inferring that this group represents all people, whereas females are cast into another separate classification. What kind of message is that sending to the youth of today?

On a lighter, but still related note, the “surprise” part of a Kinder Surprise appears to be defeated when you label that there is a doll or a toy car on the inside, no?


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  1. Lydia June 13, 2013 11:52 am #

    I agree with you….Girl…..

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