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Enbridge: Pipelines, Politics and Resistance

So what does this all mean? First take a moment to celebrate these little victories, and then keep on voicing your opposition. Keep talking to friends and family about this issue.

Shifting Gears: Youth & Sustainable Transportation

My goal in setting out to make this podcast was simple: help youth to celebrate and get to know each other’s work in making sustainable transportation delightful, welcoming and enjoyable in their community.

Youth Voting Interests

These youth might not have the right to vote yet, but they know the power of politics and what the next election could bring. And more importantly, they know what they’ll vote for once they get to the polls.

How will you be participating in Earth Day this year?

Earth Day is an annual celebration on April 22nd when events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental sustainability and protection. How will you be participating in Earth Day this year? If you are stumped, here is a list of 5 fun and creative suggestions of how you can get involved!

Standing Together

I guess the whole point of me sharing this experience is to let you know that you have allies. Right now, it is up to our youth to stay strong, grow, and strive. Also, to never forget that the way to stand the strongest, is by holding each other.

Actualizing Change: Submit Your Action Ideas!

This Spring, Check Your Head is helping you breathe life into your action ideas! We are inviting youth (under 30) to submit action ideas that focus on one of two themes: Gender & Media or Alternative Transportation. Four action ideas will be selected to receive funds of $200 or $100 to see the action come to life!

One Hour of Idle No More

Suddenly, I became an activist, something I have never truly done. This has definitely been one of the most moving life experiences that I’ve had recently, and all within the span of only an hour. Everyone was there, people of various ages and ethnicities came in solidarity. As Kyla did to me, and the Idle No More movement wants for all of us, I invite you to participate, any way you want to.

Kids for Climate Action

One of the most common questions I get is “why are you doing this?!” I suppose the answer is I’m scared. We’re living on a new planet now, one that is significantly warmer. A planet where glaciers melt, sea levels rise, oceans acidify, and crippling drought causes millions to starve. The world our parents’ generation handed down to us is not really a pretty one. I’m scared because this is only the beginning.

Building a School Garden

At Magee Secondary School in Vancouver BC, students have been promoting sustainability since the new school was built around 12 years ago through the Magee Environment Club. Originally a recycling team, two and half years ago club leaders decided to make good use of the money collected over a decade by building a school garden that could be enjoyed by all.

Coming Together to “Defend Our Coast”

At several points throughout the day, the crowd of thousands took up the chant “the people, united, will never be defeated.” For the first time in a long while, I really felt the power of this statement. Each of us was a pebble, and while one pebble thrown into a pond creates a small ripple, many thrown into a pond can cause a huge splash.