Apply to be a Facilitator for the Youth and Gender Media Project

After an amazing first year, Check Your Head is recruiting youth facilitators for the second year of the Youth and Gender Media Project (Sept. 2012 – Sept. 2013). We are excited to invite new youth applicants to participate and gain anti-oppression and facilitation training, along with knowledge-building experience on gender based violence, and mentorship opportunities.  For a description of roles and responsibilities, please click here.

Participants in the Youth and Gender Media Project learn about themes related to gender such as identity, power, and privilege. Through a critical lens, participants explore how the media constructs messages about gender and often perpetuates violence of all forms. The project also empowers participants with the knowledge to take action and address gender-based violence.

The Youth and Gender Media Project volunteers attend monthly gatherings to connect and engage in dialogue.

I find that every meeting I walk away with a new understanding of our society and learn something new about myself in the process.

The monthly gatherings allow volunteers to exchange ideas and knowledge with their community mentors and guest facilitators. One participant’s reflection on a gathering focused on storytelling was,

It was fascinating seeing how individuals built from such diverse experiences and backgrounds are so much more than appearances suggest. I was reminded of how deep and complex human identity is and how these complexities affect the lives we live, the opportunities we do or don’t have. In one way or another we all interact with systems of oppression no matter what race, gender, class, ability, etc.

Over the first year of the Youth and Gender Media Project, Check Your Head with the help of volunteers, developed our new “Gender Representations” workshop. Volunteer facilitators had the opportunity to facilitate workshops with diverse groups of youth in the community.

Some comments from workshop participants include: “I learned that influences in the media actually affect the self-esteem of many people and I realized that stereotypes are used everyday” and, “I learned that society paints women and men in certain ways and makes everyone think this is the way it has to be. It is great to speak against these issues.”

The Youth and Gender Media Project is a great opportunity for youth interested in facilitation, gender, media, and/or violence prevention to connect with each other and engage their community in dialogue and action against gender based violence perpetuated by the media. To read more about our volunteers’ first-hand experiences in the programs, check out their blog posts.

Program Description

Program components:
– Facilitation and leadership training
– Anti-oppression training
– Networking and community building opportunities with young activists
– Supported opportunities to take action on social and environmental justice issues, including talking to hundreds of youth about gender, media, and violence prevention
– Mentorship from woman-identified leaders in the community
– Monthly dialogue groups to meet with mentors and fellow facilitators

– Participate in 1 weekend of facilitation and leadership training
– Attend 4 evening meetings
– Co-facilitate 4 workshops in high school classrooms
– Communicate on an ongoing basis with CYH staff and community mentors

To download more application details, please click here.

The closing date for applications is: Friday, September 14th

To apply:
Please e-mail a statement of interest (max. 500 words) and copy of your resume to kyla [at]; Attn: Kyla Brophy; Subject heading: Media and Gender Facilitator.

People of all genders are encouraged to apply.

This project has been funded  by Status of Women Canada.



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