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Jackson Katz: A Peace-builder

Katz is, as his biography reads, “an educator, author, filmmaker and social theorist who has long been recognized as one of America’s leading anti-sexist male activists.”


Learning: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

In early January, Kanye West had himself a massive Twitter session, waxing Kanye about fashion, his mom, and his views on education, among other things. As he sees it, the current education system is out of date, structured to breed mindless factory workers. This of course is classist. What's wrong with being a factory worker Kanye? Are you implying factory workers aren't creative? But when he goes on to say/tweet that “schools should be designed to prep human beings for real life” I agree completely.


The Music and the Message

Using a critical lens can sometimes mean having to re-evaluate things you hold dear. Byron Hurt, documentary filmmaker and anti-sexism activist, knows this. In his excellent film, “Beyond Beats and Rhymes”, Hurt talks about his love of hip hop, the place it’s had (and still has) in his life. He tells of how as he started working as an anti-sexism activist he couldn’t ignore the pervasiveness of misogyny, violence and homophobia in hip-hop any longer.

Feminist Ryan Gosling blog

Self Care, Squatters, and Ryan Gosling

How good are you at taking care of yourself? I don’t mean in terms of showering and flossing and paying bills and so on. I mean at taking care of your brain and your heart. It’s important to take stock of where you’re at, to gauge your stress and anxiety levels and take steps to be good to yourself so you can best be present in whatever movement, or activism, or school work in which you’re immersed.


Oh the World, the World

Ask questions, look for context, and think critically about what you read. Just because something is considered ‘scientific’ or is coming from what is thought to be a reputable source doesn’t make it fact. But don’t just take my word for it.

Crimethinc poster for blog post

What about Privilege?

It is through raising public awareness and engaging various communities and their members in myriad ways that we can take proactive steps toward changing the culture of violence (global, physical, sexual and otherwise) around which our society is structured.