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Love and Hate are Beasts and the One that Grows is the One You Feed

Something that is normally hushed and not understood, suicide is a complex issue. However, I was given the opportunity along with an incredibly beautiful group of young people from my community to break that silence.


Standing Together

I guess the whole point of me sharing this experience is to let you know that you have allies. Right now, it is up to our youth to stay strong, grow, and strive. Also, to never forget that the way to stand the strongest, is by holding each other.


The Tree Planter’s Guide to the Galaxy

In today’s society, the importance of trees is grossly under estimated. Not only do we often forget that they provide us with a lot of the air we breathe, structure our buildings, and provide us with every day paper and pulp products, they now have…


We’re not there yet; we just didn’t know that until now

I remember my friend remarking to me that same sex marriage wasn’t federally recognized, because certain regions/jurisdictions haven’t legalized it. Honestly, I didn’t believe him (sorry man). But now, due to recent reporting on the issue, this whole thing is quite the slap in the face. Maclean’s brought this whole thing to my attention last night as I was relaxing in bed.


I’ll be there to share the land

As I was flipping through my Social Studies text book looking for the answer to another dry text question, a realization started to bother me; every year, in every text book there is a passage about the sufferings of the Aboriginal people. What bothers me is not that our text book recognizes these troubles, but rather that they exist, and that their existence is so closely weaved through out our history as a country.


Rights, Freedoms, and Reading the Charter

The right to an education, or the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual punishment? The right to have freedom of speech or that to not be discriminated for my sexuality, gender, race, religion, or physical disability? How could someone ever pick, and better yet, why should someone ever pick?


Rally for Peace

Courtenay has resident protesters. Every Saturday from noon until one, you can see the Comox Valley Peace Group at their spot on the corner of England and 6th. “This is not a protest. This is a peace rally.”