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Fair Trade USA: selling out the global movement

The global fair trade movement has been shaken by the recent split of Fair Trade USA from its umbrella Fairtrade International – and correspondingly the global fair trade system. As the leading fair trade certifier in the US, Fair Trade USA (formerly TransFair USA) will now create its own criteria for what merits “fair” trade, including the controversial certification of coffee and cocoa plantations. This, among other questionably lax certification requirements, has provoked outcry and condemnation globally.


Volunteering Doesn’t Pay: The Priceless Experience of Donating Your Time

As an employment counselor, I interact youth with various employment backgrounds. My job is to assist youth in my program in their search for work. Some youth arrive with a resume; some may arrive without any experience at all.


When Can We all Smile with Dignity?

Oral health is a vital part of our overall health and wellbeing, and the right to dental care is about the right to eat, smile and live with dignity. ‘Smile with Dignity’ is on a mission to gather the stories of people’s teeth, and with these stories learn more about the gaps and unmet needs of our existing dental care system.

CYH Volunteer Shama Dhalwani

My Experience at Check Your Head

In early August, I had my first experience working as a volunteer with Check Your Head. I first heard about this experience through friends at school and I hoped that it would be something that would interest me. Being in Grade 12 this coming year made me realize that having only one year left I should take initiative and really pursue my interests.