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The Normalization of Intimate Partner Violence in Beauty and the Beast

Although it may happen behind closed doors, violence against women is a public issue that has serious psychological, social and physical consequences. This short clip from the documentary Mickey Mouse Monopoly is useful for teaching about how Disney films socialize girls to accept and overlook…

Lost in My Ignorance and Stigma: Walking Through the DTES in 2013’s Women’s Memorial March

I could see office workers in the court building watch us… The court workers quickly turn away. It would be easy to judge them negatively, but I know that I and maybe much of our city seems to do just the same.

One Hour of Idle No More

Suddenly, I became an activist, something I have never truly done. This has definitely been one of the most moving life experiences that I’ve had recently, and all within the span of only an hour. Everyone was there, people of various ages and ethnicities came…

Same Love

Seattle rapper Macklemore’s hit track “Same Love” provides a social commentary for the relatively absent discussion of homosexual love in mainstream hip-hop culture. In “Same Love,” Macklemore expresses his views in support of gay marriage and effectively creates a dialogue for listeners to rethink their…

Commodity Fetishism in Macklemore’s “Wings”

Macklemore’s thought provoking song “Wings” is an excellent way to introduce students to Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism. Commodity fetishism is the process of ascribing magic “phantom-like” qualities to an object. In “Wings,” Macklemore associates these qualities with Nike Air Max shoes.

Review: Resources for Popular Education

A Check Your Head volunteer, Lyon Lin, recently finished an annotated bibliography of a number of Popular Education resources. Here are his reviews of two online resources: Seeds for Change and Rhizome.

Megan Kamerick’s TED Talk on Women in Media

According to the Global Media Monitoring Project 2012, only 24% of women are news subjects even though we make up half the population and in addition to this, only 20% of experts quoted in stories are women. Even in stories of gender based violence, men…

Who has the right to health? Refugees, health care, and the politics of exclusion

The recent changes to Canadian refugee policy further erase this shared history, pitting the native-born against newcomers and privileging certain migrant groups over others.

c̓əsnaʔəm: on the frontlines of colonization

Blog post by former CYH regular blogger Jannie Leung ————————————————————– In the telling of Canadian history, colonization is described innocuously in the past tense, as if there was an official start and end date. This conveniently encourages a disconnect between our colonial past and the…

Building Community Through Storytelling

Every first Friday of the month volunteers with CYH’s Youth and Gender Media Project gather over delicious home-made crock pot meals and baked goodies for two hours of discussion, laughter, and creativity. I find that every meeting I walk away with a new understanding of…