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Mode Shift

Mode Shift, a podcast about sustainable transportation in Canada, is now online!

Can networking really overcome violence?

I really believe through these gatherings I was able to start to make the changes from within and like a cup spilling when filled with so much water, I was able to share these insights when co-facilitating workshops for youth, as well as with everyone…

Cinderello: Queering Fairy Tales

As someone who works with children, I frequently read children’s picture books aloud. A few months ago I was reading Hansel and Gretel to a young girl and boy, and I felt bored and frustrated with the gender representations.

Shifting Gears: Youth & Sustainable Transportation

My goal in setting out to make this podcast was simple: help youth to celebrate and get to know each other’s work in making sustainable transportation delightful, welcoming and enjoyable in their community.

NEW DEADLINE! – Actualizing Change

Thursday, April 11 is the new deadline to submit your actions to Check Your Head’s Actualizing Change program! To get your creative and social justice juices flowing, check out this inspirational video from the young folks at Project Gratisvore, one of the successful Actualizing Change…

Actualizing Change 2013

We have exciting news coming soon about the next round of “Actualizing Change”, Check Your Head’s program to help breathe life into innovative, youth-led actions. While we get set to share more information with you later this week, check out this inspiring video by Kids…

Kids for Climate Action

One of the most common questions I get is “why are you doing this?!” I suppose the answer is I’m scared. We’re living on a new planet now, one that is significantly warmer. A planet where glaciers melt, sea levels rise, oceans acidify, and crippling…

Building a School Garden

At Magee Secondary School in Vancouver BC, students have been promoting sustainability since the new school was built around 12 years ago through the Magee Environment Club. Originally a recycling team, two and half years ago club leaders decided to make good use of the…