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Start a Living Wage Campaign

Research The Living Wage for Families Campaign and start a campaign in your community or workplace.

The living wage is an hourly rate of pay that is re-calculated annually to reflect what people need to support their families based on the actual costs of living in a community. The living wage is a response to the spiral of debt, anxiety and long-term health problems that are related to low rates of pay. The living wage results in reduced stress, improved health and more independence for families while reducing health and social service costs and increasing participation and well-being in the community.

To start a Living Wage Campaign, read about the living wage, why it is important and what steps an employer and a community need to take to become recognized as living wage employers. Introduce the idea to your employer or your community – be sure to focus on all of the benefits that result from paying a living wage. When your employer is considering the idea, contact the Living Wage for Families Campaign for more information about how to become an officially recognized living wage employer.

Learn what the Living Wage is in your community.

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