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Kids for Climate Action

Kids for Climate Action is a Vancouver-based youth group dedicated to raising awareness of the need to act on climate change at both an individual and government level. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, and we are working to engage young people in the political process for this issue with such profound implications for the quality of our future lives. This fall, K4CA will be focusing on many low budget and innovative ways to raise awareness and to do outreach to get more members involved (as a large portion of our organizing team just graduated). However, our main focus in the coming months, will be canvassing in the lead up to the coming provincial election. By using a petition that examines the two pipeline proposals through BC, using a climate lens, we hope to create a broader dialogue with the people of Vancouver about these issues.


  1. Create dialogue with the people of Vancouver about the impact of climate related issues such as the proposed pipelines through BC
  2. Promote civic engagement and empower the people of Vancouver as voters
  • Action Reports