Take Action

Aware-a-Fair: A take-action, global issues focused event

What: The Aware-a-Fair is a take-action global issues event focused on education, aimed at inspiring people of all ages to put their passion into action and try to change the world. The theme of the event really is promoting change, and causes will be represented that fight for everything from universal education to the environment.

When: Saturday May 19th 2012, from 9:30am – 6:00pm

Where: Lougheed Town Centre, Burnaby, British Columbia

Mission Statement: The goal of the Aware-a-Fair is to spread our passion for raising awareness about global issues to everyone we can, through a fun opportunity for the public, especially youth, to learn about a variety of philanthropic focused topics.

How: Each non-profit organizations or student group attending will present their cause and initiatives at a booth, giving the public a one-stop shop to delve into a variety of global issues.

Who: We aim to bring in about 200-300 youth from all over the Lower Mainland, in addition to reaching people who are already at the centre.

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Special Guests:
Mayor Derek Corrigan of Burnaby will be speaking at the event!
Student Speakers:
Zoya Jiwa
Selin Jessa
Latifa Abdillah
Allie Graham
Veronika Bylicki

Music: featuring . . . .
Saul Chabot

Organizations Attending:
Health for Humanity
Students Without Borders
SDC Blue Ribbon Foundation
Canadian Women for Afghanistan
Students CAN
Green Peace
Aga Khan Foundation
TAP Bottles
United Nations Association – Vancouver
WHISCA (Willing Hearts International Society)
TRAS (Trans Himalayan Aid Society)
Cuso International
Free the Children/Me to We
Global Stewardship Program at Capilano University
Room to Read
McReary Society’s Youth Advisory Council
Global Family
Pinetree Secondary School Red Cross Club


  1. We want to spread awareness about the work that is being done in BC by students and professionals to make a difference in the world.
  2. We want to inspire people, with our main demographic being youth, to not only educate themselves on these issues, but to continue to, or start to create change.
  3. Give organizations an opportunity to educate the public about what they have been doing.
  4. Put on a fun, free event that will bring the community together!
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