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Face the Facts


Sports Illustrated magazine has published weekly issues for 57 years, a total of nearly 3,000 magazines. In that time, only 66 women have appeared on their cover (not including the swimsuit addition).


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CYH’s skills as organizers and educators are top notch…

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Big Media and Oil Interests: Polluting Democracy

Good journalism is key to a healthy democracy. In Canada, it’s becoming apparent that the conversation around the environment is being tightly controlled… Such a system means that the voices of corporations, fossil-fuel interests, and climate change contributors are heard over those of our communities.

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It’s Not All About the Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have financial success… However, I argue that such a goal cannot be achieved in the long-run without simultaneously considering the “profitability” of the environment in which the company is situated as well. The financial profitability of a company cannot be healthy while everything around it is being exploited.

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Useful Resources

For your convenience we have put together a plethora of resources you can check out which are related to the topics, workshops, and action stories found on this website. We…

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Start your own Apothecar...

Making medicine with plants is simpler than one might expect, and it is a great way to form stronger connections within our communities.

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Edit a zine

In my own personal experiences it was through alternative media that I was introduced to critical thinking around women in the media at the age of eleven.

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Create a podcast

The podcast can be used to identify areas of common concern and resources for youth to have a part in making a national transportation strategy a policy reality.

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