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Face the Facts

1.3 billion

Approximately one third of all the food on the planet produced each year is wasted or lost. That’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year – over four times the estimated total weight of the entire human population.

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I felt valued and supported by CYH as I developed into my own person…

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Would you drink water contaminated with copper?

Since August 4th this year, the residents of Likely, BC have had a very unique problem. People lost their jobs, tourists stopped visiting the area, they can peel the skin…

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Job Posting: Education Program Coordinator (F/T)

Check Your Head is hiring for the position of Education Program Coordinator! Application deadline: September 19, 2014.

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Useful Resources

For your convenience we have put together a plethora of resources you can check out which are related to the topics, workshops, and action stories found on this website. We…

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Re-write a Fairy Tale

I plan to rewrite the story Cinderella in comic book form so that the genders are swapped. When a man is in the role of Cinderella, the story will seem strange, and it will become apparent that values like physical beauty and humility are the only values that are placed on female characters.

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The 100-Mile Diet

Challenge yourself to only eat locally grown food!

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Start an Indoor Herb Gar...

I would love to plant a vegetable garden but unfortunately don’t have independent access to the right space for it. So, I decided that I would plant my own herb garden inside my room.

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