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Face the Facts


A daily coffee from Tim Hortons? Almost half the world live on less than $2.50 a day (2014).

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CYH participants are active in their learning…

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Join the CYH team!

We are looking for an exceptionally organized individuals committed to popular education and youth activism to join our small but mighty team! If you believe in what we do and looking…

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Project Recap – Youth Priorities for Poverty Reduction

The provincial government has committed to developing and implementing a poverty reduction plan – and BC’s young people have shown that their voice will not be lost in this conversation….

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Useful Resources

For your convenience we have put together a list of resources you can check out which are related to the topics, workshops, and action stories found on this website. We…

Latest Actions

Create a podcast

The podcast can be used to identify areas of common concern and resources for youth to have a part in making a national transportation strategy a policy reality.

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10% Income Shift

Ensure that 10% of what you spend is on local, ethically produced goods.

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Re-write a Fairy Tale

I plan to rewrite the story Cinderella in comic book form so that the genders are swapped. When a man is in the role of Cinderella, the story will seem strange, and it will become apparent that values like physical beauty and humility are the only values that are placed on female characters.

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